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The Baby Brain – First Scan

In my first trimester Ultrasound, I was excited to see how a tiny tadpole was developing inside me, the Sonographer was taking time in analyzing all the growth aspects, we were shown the fetus brain. I was amazed a minute I saw a tiny brain. It had lots of folds,felt like the amazon secure packaging. It was more the amazing moment, I could see the real tiny Brain. Rather than a model brain. That’s when I wanted to learn more about how to nurture my little one the better way.

I studied in Chinmaya Vidyalaya the main motto of the school was “Children’s are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit ”. YES, I want to ignite a brain than filling it. I want to lit my baby right the path.

I started the research on baby’s brain development in the womb. Around 16th day of conception a fetus brain and spinal cord starts forming, which way before the heart.Brain and spinal cord are the first most organs.

So, for a healthy spinal development every pregnant women is given folic acid. But, for brain development is in the hands of the mother and her environment.

For a healthy brains development, needs are so simple lots of oxygen(Fresh Air) and Natural glucose (Fresh fruits and vegetables).I started consuming lots of water and fresh fruits. I enjoyed walking in the evenings on the trails of a scenic park.The Partner in crime was the best in searching for trails that are clean with a waterfront that provides us fresh air and a peaceful mind.

My search kept continuing babies are so tiny when they are born and every minute their brain grows and learns new things. There are also studies that say baby brains develop and learn from inside the womb. It’s an interesting topic to learn and research.

Baby’s brain have a high grasping power. Their brains grow at a rapid rate and just like their tiny tummy which has to be fed every 2 hours their brains also need lots of stimulation.

I read a book called “Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five” by Dr.John Medina.Through fascinating and funny stories, Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and dad, unravels how a child’s brain develops–and what you can do to optimize it.

A must read book while pregnant.

The book talks about how to raise smart babies and happy kids from the time of conception till 5 years. It talks about a few approaches to handle tantrums. I like these lines from the book “The best way to get your children into the college of their choice? Teach them impulse control.” Just like every mom I want my baby to be smart. I am not a needy mom but I want to ignite the next generation with the right things at the earliest.

And an another book “Mind in the making” talks about The Seven Essential Life Skills through her research based approach.This book is truly a groundbreaking book that teaches parents the most important tools they will need.

A really interesting book explaining 7 essential life skills, and giving parents ideas on how to develop these skills. This book includes descriptions of experiments that have tested children for these skills.

Ellen Galinsky recommends games and activities that help children develop these skills. She is a great proponent of including children’s input in their own social and emotional development. Help them find a passion and use their interests to engage them in their own education.

So, my search kept going on till my last trimester. One interesting article mentioned about stimulating the brain from womb using black and white flash cards and photographs that are black and white.

I started collecting black and white images from the internet and pasted on the walls of my baby nursery.

For the first few months a baby’s eyesight would be visible only a short distance.They also suggested to place flash cards on the crib and near the diaper station. So I started buying flash cards and lots of cloth books which had black and white images.

Once my baby was born and I got settled down a few days after the first few chaotic days. I started introducing my baby to the images and the flash cards with patterns, animals, things, face expressions(Akshara loves it till day) and speak to her in whispers.She would stare for a few minutes, when done she would cry or turn her head.After a few months I started introducing red color images and then some colorful images.

I have linked the flash cards and the cloth books links from

Flash Cards

Show these flash cards in front of your babies face while they are lying on their back and place it on the floor when they are on tummy time.Start with few seconds gradually increase to 5 mins and explain them the animals and its sounds.

You could also place them on the walls of their crib or paste these on the walls near their diaper changing stand.

Cloth Books

Cloth books are very handy and light weight for the baby to grasp and chew on in when they are teething or while on their car or stroller.

This cloth book contains and mirror which babies love to admire and watch their own expression.It has a crinkle sound in one of its page,which babies keep going for hours.

You can find the free black and white images on internet also. You can print them out and paste it on the your babies room for the first few months then shift the colors to red, blue after a few weeks change it to nice colorful images or photos of your family, pets, a nice scenery or even a craft like the paper roses I had made for her nursery.

Bundle of everything

Recently I came across this bundle Hungry Brain, it contains a set of everything that I mentioned above. It also contains a set of smell for auditory,olfactory stimulation kit.I would definitely recommend this kit for all new parents and going to be.It will definitely be a wonderful baby shower gift for the parents.

Hungry Brain

If you have reached this part then you must either be pregnant or must be interested how the early brain develops either way the books are the best reads and if you or your friend is pregnant and searching for a gift options choose these books or the kits it the most useful and amazing gift.

Thanks a lot for reading!!!

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