Mother’s Day

I thought of sharing my day with my fellow blogger..Before I start the ended on a good note.

The day ended on a peaceful note but start was not.

My little one was once a good eater,good sleeper and an early waker. My neighbors get envious about her for being such a sweet kid when compared to theirs.. She follows a routine early to bed early to rise .Feeding her and putting down to sleep was my favorite time of the day.I sing lullaby or say a story or read a book , give her a gentle massage and rock her to sleep.

But in the past months she has become a fussy eater, sleeps late night which is around 11 PM ( seriously we sleep around 10pm and past 10pm is late night for us).

Right now she is in a phase throwing tantrums ,cries at a very high pitch to get things done. It has been one my most toughest motherhood ride. I cannot handle her,convince her, satisfy all her needs. Which puts me into a guilt that I am not doing good to my job. I am not a calm person able to handle the situation with ease. I enjoy playing, going for a walk, describing the things we see around us but I had to get into another personal projects so I had sacrifice the time with her.

If I fit I Sit

She stopped eating properly, stopped going to sleep early wakes up cranky. She cries a lot if I say it’s bedtime. Which made me more frustrated, fed up , lots of headaches, in the mode of giving up. There were times I asked my mom to feed her and my dad to take her out so that I could stay in peace without her disturbance.( Seriously I wanted to literally stay in the bathroom for hours without her noise). I stopped consoling her when she screamed. I knew she demaded me more during those times but at the end “I am a human”.

To start with today I will tell you yesterday, she was throwing tantrums and when I said it’s bedtime. She started screaming and it went for 1 hr and she woke the entire house. My parents consoled her, all she demanded was the idiot box “TV” at 11 pm.Only after her demands were played she slept around 12ish .

Today, The morning started with cry stating she needed to mix her own milk and drink, (her new milestone is pouring water from one cup to another). I immediately made her milk and gave it to her. She past naptime and started screaming for more screen time. Already, I woke up with a terrible headache due to lack of sleep the previous night. I put her down and scolded her. I lost my temper and left the place.

I read a few blog post on Mother’s day and saw pics of friends posting pics with their Mom, I too wanted to share a few pics with my mom and my girl as they are the most precious ones in my life, never had the time and my stabbing headache didn’t let me touch mobile for some more time.

My surprise for the day, the little came to me sat on my lap and started showing sleep signs a little early to her bedtime and she pointed me to her sound machine and the minute it started she kissed me and went to sleep. Today she refused her breakfast, had only a quater of her lunch, I spent a lot of time in the evening with her took her for a walk, played her favorite fishing game in the water, bought her favorite popcorn and we both sat and ate. She finished her dinner and that was a greatest relief.

This made me realize that all she needed was more attention from me and she enjoys spending time with me. Made me think how and why did I forgot this.As a child or even today I always wanted my mom by my side, so is my daughter.

Motherhood is precious,lots of sacrifices, patience and understanding. My little one made me realise this today

A very happy mother’s day, to all Moms to be mom and my fellow bloggers.