Toddler’s visitors

I started loving my baby girl (who’s is no longer a baby now 😉 ),more when she reached the official Toddler zone. Apart from her “toddler tantrums” and me running 🏃‍♀️ behind her to protect her from falling or bringing our roof down. She is a lovely person who understands a lot of things and an adorable little girl who drenches me in loads of love. She is definitely the love of my life.

Have you ever wondered how you behaved to a close family member when they first met you. How we hide behind our mom,shy away when we they ask you to say hello or to greet a new person.

Few months back my brother and his family came to meet us. I journaled these rules in her voice. This is the first time they are seeing AK. And meeting new people, adjusting with them is a new experience for a baby.

Ground rules to stay with Akshara

Hi, I am Akshara. The cutest, naughtiest and crankiest baboddler. Though I am officially a toddler but my actions are still babyish.

Welcome Cousin, Mami(Aunty) and Uncle (Mama). I wish you have a nice stay at My Home.

So here are few of my simplest rules to feel yourself at home.

I enjoy calling strangers and watching them talk to my parents and grandparents. I too enjoy talking back to them, when they don’t touch me or lift me.. My lifting employees are Thatta(Grand Pa),Amma, at times Patti(Grandma). I cannot appoint another person unless I interview them.
(P.s : Just say Hi to me, please don’t try to touch me or lift me)

You bags will be checked/scrutinized for my security reasons by me please keep it open.

Mom’s voice:(Enjoys taking things out of the box and analyzing them. I thinking she will become a scientist or a detective)

Elder Kids Anna/ Akka this is for you.
Don’t eat sweets, biscuits, chocolates in front of me without sharing me. My Amma says those are not for me, but I will demand.
Amma’s voice: (Please, please, please don’t eat them in front of her, if she fights give her a crinkle wrapper or some snacks like pori from her snack box, she knows and she might throw them on your face.)

My favorite toys are chewing charger wires, chargers.And my target is see how much saliva makes it, to not work and who gets crazy at first.
Mom’s voice:(Keep your chargers upstairs which is going to be your allocated room, I am so sorry but will have to adjust with monkeys and birds though 😉 )

I enjoy talking on the phone, I meant The “Real Phone” no dummy’s toys please.. So I hope to get new mobile.
(Mind voice wish I had a real one)
Mom’s voice:(Don’t keep your phone,iPad,Gadgets on the floor it will be confiscated by her and I am not responsible for the lost item/damages).

I wake up at 4:30 – 6:00 AM enjoy watching birds, 🐒 monkeys .
(P.s. Wake up else I will wake you up calling you or hitting you exactly on your cheek and bringing you toys which I hardly play with).

I enjoying going to Potti Kadai(old fashion supermarket), shopping malls especially to the stuffed toys sections.I enjoy window shopping only.

Don’t search for remotes in my Granparent’s house as I hide them and forget where I throw it. If you find them you’re lucky. If it works it means my saliva is all dried up and it time to drench it again.
(Mom’s voice: Don’t show her remote, even if you are lucky finding out I am sure you cannot sit and watch TV shows without her interruption).

I hope we all have a great family time.. I might be crankiest but will eventually become your favorite person.

Eagerly waiting to meet you all

By akmomjourney

A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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I just randomly visited your blog but couldn’t stop myself from binge reading all of them !!! You literally write so good 💗💗💗
Waiting for another adventures of akshara and mom

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