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A flight travel from a toddler’s view

A travel dairies from a curious toddler point of view. Her first flight travel experience and the things that she encountered on her trip.

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A Birthday Wish

It’s a birthday month in this house, my Mom, my Dad and my Daughter AK have their birthdays this month. As a child I enjoyed celebrating birthday and I waited for my birthday every year. The happiness to cut a cake, blow candles, bursting balloons and claps were best.My birthday comes during school holidays and […]

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In memories of my Mother

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” I have been silent on posting articles for the past 4 months. I am slowly coming out of a greatest loss. A mother is someone who loves her child right from the minute she conceives . A love that can’t be explained, a […]


AK’s Terrible 2’s

I am back to my topic the books!! I buy a book or a toy every month for AK through Amazon. It’s safest shopping site and they have a returnable option. AK loves receiving parcels from the Amazon dropping guy and waves goodbye to him.She runs to the door screaming Amazon parcel Amazon parcel vandi […]

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Summertime = Waterfun

It’s summer time!!! Time to wrap and fold the winter wears, blankets. According to my water tanker it’s time for more outdoor play in water and sun. She enjoys the fullest in water. Her face instantly brightens like a 10,000 watts bulb when I say the word “Water”. She would cry for water and pour […]

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Baby – Toddler Books

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book This is a continuation from my previuos post on “The books of 90’s“. Books has been so special in my life and help my imaginations a lot. I started collecting books when she was 3 months of age […]

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Munchkin Turns Two Much

My little munchkin has turned 2!!!. A happiness that she has grown up, can Walk, Run, Talk, Respond to my questions, choose her favorite dress,understand her surrondings. But I was a little sentimental that she will be leaving my arms soon, will enjoy her time on her own, no more Amma calls, hugs and cuddles […]

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The Books of 90’s

The planned post was on the best books I purchased for the little girl and the books she loves. When I sat down to write on books that I purchased for her. My thoughts moved to my childhood days of reading amazing magazines and monthly books. This post is about my childhood days into books […]

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Weekend challenge – 5 (World of Toys )

I have come to an end to this weekend challenge, successful posted on all this month’s weekend. I generally come to know that I have reached the month end, when I receive a notification from amazon monthly diaper subscription, that’s when I add a balance and buy a book or a toy for my little […]

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Weekend challenge – 4 (World of Toys )

Hello bloggers, I am challenging myself to post an article every week till this month-end. This week it’s a continuation post to the previous weeks, all about toys that I hoarded in the last one year. If you haven’t read my last week please do visit my other Weekend Challenges post (World of Toys). Toys […]