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Weekend Challenge -2 (World of Toys)

Hello bloggers, I am challenging myself to post an article every week till this month-end. This week it’s all about toys that I hoarded in the last one year.

Who as a child said no to toys. We were pampered with toys and gifts for our birthday or when a family member coming home from a tour.

I am the youngest in my family and I am the most pampered kid. I get a lot of toys from everyone and all time.

I enjoy searching for new and latest toys for my toddler. I want her also to explore the world of toys. I collected many toys right from her first month and I still have them in my cupboard to pass on to someone who really needs it or like it. I am listing only few toys that are essential for a child in the first year. The toys I am listing are month appropriate and I have used for her in the past year.


Newborns don’t need many toys and they wouldn’t recognize it. The Americans pediatric suggests no stuffed dolls or a blanket on their crib due to sudden SID’s. Instead, you could try something in black and white the flashcards or a crib mobile with animals or the stars and moon with a mild sound.

You can also visit read my article on how to engage a newborn and how a baby brain develops in the first year.”The Baby Brain – First Scan

Like I have here…

crib mobile
Crib mobile with black and white patterns. She enjoyed this a lot and stares for a few minutes and sometimes she babbles a few sounds with it.

A must-have for a newborn is a white noise machine.

Portable Soother Stuffed Animal Owl

This is a wonderful and simple machine. I used this for my baby for 6 months. it was very useful and relaxed for me and for my baby to sleep. After a loud cry or night screams, I switched this device that calmed my nerves and the crying sound of my baby didn’t keep echoing on my mind. There are 10 different sounds for your preference.

Marpac Hushh for Baby

Marpac Hushh for Baby

It imitates the sound of the womb. Believe me, the inside body is too noisy. Every organ makes a sound. Babies feel safe if they hear such sounds and calm down to sleep. “When I was a child I used to place my ear on my mom’s tummy and it used to hear bluk,gulk, scak lots of sounds… I love listening to it. You can try it now if your mom allows you ;)… please don’t try it with your partner’s tummy it will be full of gas and farts,”.

One more is this amazing “Orangehome White Noise Portable”, it has 3 timer options and 15 sounds. It makes life a little easier, as you don’t have to wake up to stop the machine.

Orangehome White Noise Portable

White noise machine with timer option

1-2-3 Months:

A crib mobile/car seat /stroller toys. I bought a crib mobile which can be used as a car seat toy. A car seat clipped toys(mirror, crinkle booklet, a silicon teether). If you enjoy car rides or a walk to the park these are the must-haves. Apart from this, you might have to load a truck of items for you to be hydrated and for your messy little newborns.

Spiral crib musical toy

This soft spiral crib is a musical toy when you pull a toy it sings. The star is a crinkle. The sound is really soothing and the material is really soft for the baby to touch and hold.I used it for my stroller and I occasionally spiral it on her crib.

The Girraffe musical rattle is also a wonderful toy, this is a wind up toy and it does not require any batteries.Its long lasting and the sound was also very mild and soothing. Babies require only mild sound or a soothing sounds like the noise machine as they have a very tiny humans into this world.

If you are thinking of purchasing, click on the image or the underlined names. It will take you to the site where I purchased from.

Keep following this blog, I will soon be adding the next 3 months essentials for your baby.

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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