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A flight travel from a toddler’s view

A travel dairies from a curious toddler point of view. Her first flight travel experience and the things that she encountered on her trip.

Hi!! I am Akshara, very curious and social toddler!!

I had my first international travelling ✈️. Thatta says this is my second international trip.I was very excited about travelling in airplane so far I had only seen them on books and Tv 📺 .

My parents were so busy with packing and unpacking my toys and stuff.I was only interested in unpacking my toys and finding hidden treasures.I was busy bidding bye to my neighbours friends and explaining about airplanes.The day came many friends and neighbours came to bid bye and gave me gifts.

Our trip is by car to airport and by flight to Seattle.
It was my bedtime flight but I was very curious and tried to be wide awake but my Amma’s arm’s made me cozy and warm to doze off for few hours in the car ride.

At 1am we reached airport and I woke up with Amma’s voice “Akshara airport vandhachu”.
It was bright and beautiful with lights. I was so very excited and I started jumping, running. mom and dad were busy unloading the baggage.

I learnt about the baggage carousel. I saw my suitcases were being taken in the carousel. I was worried that my toy bags were also been taken away. I was rest assured that it will come back to me when I reach Seattle.

I saw lots of pots and plants and was pretending to be watering it. But my parents thought I was watering it and they even said don’t pour so much water… ha ha ha so funny 😆 !!!

Amma bought me a Shaun sheep back pack it was so pretty and I loved it in first sight.It also came with a Shaun sheep ride on. I enjoyed riding on it and giving it a ride.

Her back pack , ride on. Little Miss is busy seeing dolls in Chennai Airport

Escalator and Elevators were my favourite pastimes and workouts for my dad and mom until the we got into airplane.

I saw a machine which had water bottle and some yummy chocolate, I saw people dropping money and it gave water bottles and juice. I wanted to try it, so I searched every vending machine.
We had to walk inside a big tunnel to get inside the airplane.

I was surprised with lollipop when the flight was about to take off.. yeah yeah the flight is taking off I saw many flights on our way.
Zooom it took off and saw only clouds.☁️
This time the seat was reclining and dozed off for a second time sleep.
Zoop there we landed in Dubai, my mom wanted to check jewellery stores but I wanted only to roam around and enjoy in my Shaun ride on..
(Ak mind voice My dad’s purse is saved, I didn’t let Amma for any shopping, my sweet amma got me pen and a small camel soft toy).

My parents bought me some fried rice, it was too hot at first spoon, second spoon was too spicy, third spoon my chair was not comfortable and pretended eating for a hour and finally. They took away the disgusting food from my table.

Next flight yeah another take off , this was little difficult for me. I was privileged with tv and sweet treats. I enjoyed talking with fellow passengers and the flight attendants.

I watched few clips from movies and didn’t like the meal, I tried a few spoons . All I liked was the mango juice.
The toilet was a good place for me to hangout and play in the water faucet. Every 10 mins I bugged amma to take me to toilet . All I wanted was to play with water and check if the flush was working.
I was bored, because my dad and mom were sleeping.
With me wide awake and full percent battery how could they sleep and I started my Mukkaaari Raagam(crying raga).
Yup plan well executed!!! My parents woke up and I started my ordering and they were obeying my rules!!!

Yeah it’s time for landing again Amma gave me the boring lollipop and stuck something in my ears.. this time I refused everything.

It’s landing time, sea, lakes, cascades, snow mountain clouds and ther comes Seattle.

Finally the last landing
It was a long queue and a long walk . I enjoyed playing in the baggage carousel dropping my Shaun back pack and my dad finding it. It was fun. My toys bag finally came. We took it and got into our car.
It was very chill outside I wanted my jacket and my mom to lift me to keep me warm.
We got into car and we left to our house.
I slept in the car, it’s 2am midnight for me but the sun was so bright and sunny outside..

That was my trip to Seattle and it was overall lots of fun and I saw things on my way to USA.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end.!!!


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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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