AK’s Terrible 2’s

I am back to my topic the books!!

I buy a book or a toy every month for AK through Amazon. It’s safest shopping site and they have a returnable option.

AK loves receiving parcels from the Amazon dropping guy and waves goodbye to him.
She runs to the door screaming Amazon parcel Amazon parcel vandi (van).

If it’s weightless she would take it to me or else she would lift it with all her strength or call me amma amma vaaa parcel.

She jumps in joy and asks me to open and as I open she would sing Happy Birthday song ;). It’s a gift for her.
The cuteness and happiness stays for the whole day and she keeps puttin things inside the box and outside the box.

That’s Akshara, the face “ Open this package Amma “

That’s her story with receiving Amazon parcels.

If you are following my blog, you all must be knowing Ak turned 2 years. Her brain is developing a lot of things and she is learning to know lots of emotions,feelings but unable to handle them. Being in this Covid situations we fear taking her out to shops, parks or malls.

So, she shows lots of frustration and also get bored as she only seeing me and my parents all the time.

Her Terrible Twos phase are in it’s peak. throwing tantrums, demanding attention, crying and screaming.
“Two-year-olds undergo major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes. Also, children at this age can understand much more speech than they can express — a factor that contributes to emotions and behaviors that are difficult for parents to interpret.”

It’s definitely difficult to handle her these days.
But I recently noticed a few things that calm her down and reduce her tantrums were reading books to her and books that talk about good eating habits, behaviour and what not to be done.

Yes Coco

A good book, describing coco and the monster threatening him. The job of the reader is to shooo away the monsters and help coco’s emotions in the right direction.

This book helped me to make Akshara understand what is good behaviour and what is not she is supposed to. From that time she learnt to arrange her toys after her playtime and keeps them in their rack. The next thing she would say is shoo- shoo monster. (Click on the link to purchase)

The Fussy Bear

This book is from the coco bear series. Here coco demands only milk and is not interested in tasting any other food. A good book of your are planning to baby led weaning. (Click on the link to purchase)

The Lion Inside

Be courageous, and do think like a lion. (Click on the link to purchase)

Be kind and Sometimes I am Worried

A good book on identifying what feelings are and a good book to help kids and of course parents to make them overcome it. (Click on the link to purchase)

Voice Are Not for Yelling

My current book which describes about emotions and how to handle when your toddler is sad and what must be the voice.

(Click on the link to purchase)

The Teeth Bugs and The Bunny

This is definitely my favourite and a funny book.

Akshara was in a phase where she refused to brush her teeth or let me touch her mouth. From reading reviews on this books I thought of buying this book and explaining her. It’s a story of a bunny who used to eat lots of sweets and snacks but refused to brush his teeth. Then teeth bugs enter his mouth at night and they slowly destroy his teeth. Lastly bunny is left with no teeth and can’t eat yummy food.

To my surprise she ran to the sink took her brush and started brushing her teeth.

The images and the story are very clear and simple for toddler to understand the reason behind brushing their teeth.

She started telling this story to her neighbour friend who refused to brush his teeth. (Click on the link to purchase)

Waiting is Not for Ever

A book to learn patience when mom is busy, and the word wait.

(Click on the link to purchase)

Definitely taking her out for a walk in evening, within the home circle did really help with their boredom. Some days she used to walk holding my hand but this tricycle helped me a lot to stroll a little longer distance. (Click on the link to purchase)

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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