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Summertime = Waterfun

It’s summer time!!! Time to wrap and fold the winter wears, blankets.

According to my water tanker it’s time for more outdoor play in water and sun.

She enjoys the fullest in water. Her face instantly brightens like a 10,000 watts bulb when I say the word “Water”. She would cry for water and pour it on her hands toys and dip her hands and drizzle it on us.

So, we kept a code word spelling words to escape her needs.
Lately she started learning them and demands us give me “W A T E R “ though she doesn’t know the alphabets.

“Water is colourless until you give it to a toddler”.
Please don’t underestimate me, I wash her hands several times with soap.

When I was kid I enjoyed summer vacation where I could stay in my house and watch television to how much ever time I need. And definitely water was my favourite activities, jumping in and out the bath tub, splashing water. And bath timings were only after everyone leaves the house. No hurry to get ready, It was the most peaceful time of the entire year. When it’s peak summer my mother would ask me to take 2nd bath in evening. 🤩 Way more than my little water tanker my face will brighten up and my bathroom singing skills will open up.

I want my AK to enjoy more than I enjoyed as a kid, right after she turned 3 months she started splashing water from the bath tub and she would jump with happiness.
Living in US I had to bath her in a small tub next to our kitchen sink. I was always afraid as my soapy hands would slip the crazy jumper down. Life became easier as she started to sit after I came to India.

She would crawl from my lap to the water bucket and start splashing water. And I would be drenched in water after giving her a bath.

When she is over bored or too cranky I would give her a bucket of water and few water toys. She enjoys and while playing in water I feed her lunch, it made mealtime more fun and was easier for me. No to no no turns..

A few toys that Ak loves to play with are listed below, Please click on the link if you wish to buy them for yourself or your kids.

Dinoland Play Center

If you have a terrace this is defiently fun. the water sprays from above and kids will love it.

Inflatable Bath Tub

For a small space area and this is also a good bath tub. It’s inflatable and easy to handle.

Dabbling Swimming Water Wind Up Cute Sea Animal Toys

This is Akshara’s most favorite toys I have added a video at the end of this post.

Baby Bucket Baby Bath Spin Flower

Another endless toy in our bathroom and its been more than a year and the quality is amazing.

Inflatable Kid’s Smily Spray Pool

Different varities in inflatable pools and different sizes.

Inflatable Water Spray Mat

This is my recent purchase and it occupies less space and the water falls like a fountain which kids enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.

Do you have any bath time stories? Or your kids Crazy bath time stories? Do share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading till the end and Have a great day !!!

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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