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You can find magic wherever you look.

Sit back and relax, all you need is a book

This is a continuation from my previuos post on “The books of 90’s“. Books has been so special in my life and help my imaginations a lot.

I started collecting books when she was 3 months of age where she was able to recognise me and see the surroundings.

First few books from my baby cart

Good Morning Good Night

A very colorful Touch and Feel book. Wishing the pets Good Morning and Goodnight.

Alphabets Animals

This is also a Touch and Feel Book by Van Fleet. It also describes sounds of various animals in the wild.

All the love in the world

This is my favorite book from the beginning as it describes about the bond between a mom and her baby, And the love is compared to cute chubby animals. Whenever I get frustrated by her tantrums I read this book to her and it helps both of us to calm down and show the love.

The Jungle Book

I was surprised to see favorite books of 80’s-90’s kids were available for this generation..

The Jungle Book is a slide, push and pull tab book. The most favourite and enjoyable book for AK and me

Beautiful Birds

A wondeful colorful slide and push tab book with many birds. It is a second book in the same series

Where Is The Green Sheep

This book was used by her cousin and it passed on from him to her as a memory.

This book introduces to new words, many actions, colors.

The very hungry Caterpillar

This series is always fun for the kids. It also has a tiny book set with lots of images and using this book she learnt words and understood the names of each item.

Peppa Pigs a simple handy and colourful book Bedtime series books set.
AK would say paapaa papa book.

Devotional books

Our Hindu epic has many amazing mythological stories. We as South Indian Hindus has a traditions of celebrating Navaratri, a 9 days festivals and we have a custom of keeping Golu (God and Goddess idols on odd number of steps).

During Navaratri I purchased a few mythological books to explain her Goddesses. It wasn’t too early for her, she enjoyed listening to the stories and related the story to each idol on the Golu.

Body Book
Baby body book, inspired from the head shoulder knees and toes.

A set of books that introduced her to words and names of things around her, a technique followed by speech therapist.

Peep inside the garden
Enjoys sowing, planting, watering my mom’s garden and learns about insects and bugs in the garden. A very creative pop-up book to increase attention for the young ever energetic minds. All the books in this Peep inside are amazing.

Abc animals
The rhyming words on each alphabet in this book is amazing.
B bear in a bath tub
F flamingo playing a flute
X X-ray fish playing the xylophone
AK’s favourite Y yak practising yoga

These are the books I have collected till now. She enjoys story time with me. When she is bored in the evening I tell her stories, she picks her book and silently listens to every detail and my expression.
She is also a wonderful story teller, when my father asks her to tell a story she would sit on his lap and recreate the story we have told her.

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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