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Munchkin Turns Two Much

My little munchkin has turned 2!!!.

A happiness that she has grown up, can Walk, Run, Talk, Respond to my questions, choose her favorite dress,understand her surrondings.

But I was a little sentimental that she will be leaving my arms soon, will enjoy her time on her own, no more Amma calls, hugs and cuddles before nap time. She is learning to be independent. Though it’s a relief for me in one way but I keep recalling the past 2 years with my baby.

My memory goes back to the days when she was in my tummy when I didn’t see a bump, I kept touching my belly to know where she would be and waited for the scanning day to see her cute face.Whenever she does a new task or when she acts funny it strikes my brain “Is this the little fetus? from those scans has grown up so much? and Is this the tiny baby wrapped in my arms for the first few minutes of her life outside?”.

Her roll overs, her armed crawls, her first crawl, her first few steps. It really an emotional time as I can still feel those moments. I wish I had a Time Machine to travel to those days and pause my life for a year and come back to the present.

This year I made note of all her Naughtiest, Mischievous, Cutest activities in my funny tone.

I hope you enjoy reading these

Owlet vacuum cleaner

I called her “The Owlet vacuum cleaner

As her hungry brain works only when owls are out (1:30 am – 2:30 am)

Can pick up even the tiny bits and pieces of dust and drops inside it’s mouth and activates sweep mode and mop mode when it detects a broom or a mop stick.

For free Demo, visit my office.

This was when she was able to crawl and stand for a minute.

Pick up Drop service

My owlet vacuum cleaner has become a day worker.. No more night services.

It has turned into a crane (A.k.a) kuruvi service. Pick up drop service.
My Crane is small in size but capable of picking objects from its non reachable height and heavy weight eg; (dinner table) aims and picks the right object.
If it’s battery is charged with biscuits and junk food it will delivery to the right place, and to the right person otherwise throws with full force on the floor. Point to note : only charged not overly charged..
Commands should be slow and steady has to be with love expressions only then the crane will work with interest.

Most of the time crane service works for only its snack cravings..
Eg: Snack box drops them to its handlers to open and feed.

Mini water tanker

My mini tanker runs on water the whole day, no need of petrol or diesel (food).

A perfect fit for the Chennai water corporations tankers, always in a hurry filling water and leaking while reaching its destination.

On the way back if the tanker’s dress or the floor is not wet then second round of fill ups and drops.

You are welcome to visit the tanker with one condition, wash your hands feet and also keep a mop handy

Surf excel magic liquid

Pour rub pour the cloths are clean

AK’s magic
Pour Rub Lick and smile I made a mess

It’s been while since I launched my last product
“ The Water Tanker” in addition to it the tanker has taken up a new job “The Quality Control Inspector”
Motto is Pour, Rub,Lick

Pour things on the floor
Rub it with hands and rub it to clothes
Lick it to check the taste

Items went through this process for this month are
Atta,maida, rava rice and it by products
Coriander seeds


By akmomjourney

A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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