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Weekend challenge – 5 (World of Toys )

I have come to an end to this weekend challenge, successful posted on all this month’s weekend. I generally come to know that I have reached the month end, when I receive a notification from amazon monthly diaper subscription, that’s when I add a balance and buy a book or a toy for my little one. So, this month I have ordered not just one but lots of toys and books to party the successful completions of this challenge.

This weekend post is about toys from 10-12 months. This is a continuation post World of Toys.

Just like the baby grows in size and their dress don’t fit them anymore. ?It’s the same with baby’s toys they need new items to play with and enjoy toys getting upgraded.My little girl enjoyed a new toys over the old ones. But, She also has a few favorite that she is very clingy about and she checks them every day.

10-11-12 Months

At 10 Months the baby is an explorer and the cutest bunny rabbit, they try to sit and crawl, some bunnies might be fast crawlers and end up into mess.They enjoy moving around the house on their newly developed four legs. Nooks and corner are their favorite place to find delicious food particles.

Safety First

If you little one is 6 months, I am sure the little explorer might end up with some sort of minor injury. A caregiver has to be very careful with a 6 months+ explorer as they can roll over,crawl and sit.

This head protector was very useful for my child when started crawling, she sometimes loses her balance and used to fall down on her head and this was her head protector till she was able to walk.

 (Click on the image to know more)
A bee shaped head protector for your little busy bee.(Click on the image to know more)

Linking, Stacking, and Nesting are their favorite toys once they are able to sit and hold a toy. The Nesting egg was my little girl’s favorite. She finds it funny to see a chick at the end and used to giggle when she finds the chick on her own.

Linking is also an amazing toy which helps kids with hand co-ordination and eye co-ordination.

A must buy toy, this is a good deal too!!!(Click on the image to know more)

Kids enjoy tapping,hitting and they experiment with different objects.That way kids learn about sound,E=MC2(Newton’s Law) learns that things fall down and they make a sound. So a Xylophone is a good option which makes different sound.

This is a pull along toy too,it helps in eye movements.(Click on the image to know more)

When a baby learns about their hands and fingers, they won’t stop from using it. Their hands do lots of exercise, this is a worthy toy for babies of 10+ months.

This toy has a dial phone,steering wheel,bead which helps the little hands to exercise.(Click on the image to know more)

Once your little one stands up, the next phase is taken a few steps.A assisted walker like this will be of great help and they will definitely enjoy walking without we fearing much.

Walker assistant for baby who shows early signs of walking.(Click on the image to know more)


There are many types of walkers in town,I used this traditional type of walker made of wood and it was also a wonderful toy for Akshara. She used to sit and enjoy the hanging beads.

This is my favorite walker and every mom will love it when your baby learns to walk using this walker. There are bells and jingles that rotate when they move.(Click on the image to know more)

Chicco Walkers

This is also most liked walker and best reviewed walker in the internet.It serves as a walker and an all in one toy.

Ball Drop, Shape Sorter,steering wheels,knobs. (Click on the image to know more)

Melissa Doug walker

Babies enjoy things that makes a reaction to an action they perform.

Click on the image to know more

You have reached the end of this post and I am happy to have successfully completed this weekend challenge.I am thankful to all my fellow blogger for reading my posts and commenting regularly.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end.

Happy Blogging!!!

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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