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Weekend challenge – 4 (World of Toys )

Hello bloggers,

I am challenging myself to post an article every week till this month-end. This week it’s a continuation post to the previous weeks, all about toys that I hoarded in the last one year. If you haven’t read my last week please do visit my other Weekend Challenges post (World of Toys).

Toys keep accumulating as your baby grows up. My toys collection started when I was 8 months pregnant with my baby girl, it was only one crib toy. Slowly her things occupied my space in the tiny room in the apartment. Now I would say the entire house is filled with her toys.

In kitchen, if I search a spoon I find lots of colorful feeding spoons. Her cooking toys on the kitchen floor. Which means she is also helping me in cooking these days.If I go to the bathroom to brush in the morning, I see various varieties of baby/toddler (unused) toothbrushes. I have to dig in to find mine on a fuzzy morning.

This week I will write about toys from 7-9 months.This age group babies are able to sit, some crawl at 8 months and a few like mine do assisted standing at 9 – ish to 10 months.

I still remember the day when my little one was moving her body and starting to crawling, these were precious moments. She was very excited and surprised realizing her new skill.


Babies enjoy to explore every nook and corner of the house, so have to keep the house a little more cleaner and no hazardous stuff on their reach.

My little one loves music, she waves her hand when was laying down, used to giggle/smile when I sing her favorite song, also calm down to music when she was cranky.

Musical toys with a minimal voice

Smartcraft Educational Toddlers Musical Ball Toy with Automatic Rotation, Lights, Music, Animals Sounds Toys

(Click the image below to check for more information)

A ball with sound effects and it keeps moving to help your little one to crawl.

Wind up toys /Friction Toys

Set of 7 Unbreakable Friction Powered and Pull Back Automobile Car Plane Truck Taxi Toys for Kids

(Click the image below to check for more information)

This is a great toy to help them track where a toy moves, help in eye movement and concentration.

I also use a baby carrier while doing my household chores, like sweeping or hang the clothes to dry. She enjoys her time in the baby carrier and I keep talking or singing to her. Babies love to hear you talk and that’s when they also learn to talk.

This is a wonderful baby carrier with 4 carrying positions, and there are different colors.

LuvLap Galaxy Baby Carrier with Padded Head Support, for 6 to 36 Months Baby, Max Weight Up to 12 Kgs 

(Click the image below to check for more information)

A wonderful babycarrier with 4 position adjustments, it supports the back

Playgro Ball Bopper High Chair Toy

(Click the image below to check for more information)

A toy to keep them engaged while you serve them food or while cooking

Sunshine Gifting Animal Pop-up Game Toy with Music, Non-Toxic

(Click the image below to check for more information)

My baby loves this toy and she giggles when an animals pops out with a sound.A must buy toy

Zest 4 Toyz Dancing Duck with Music, Flashing Lights and Real Dancing Action

(Click the image below to check for more information)

A dancing duck with some Hindi music.

Click to open expanded view

Toyshine Learning and Fun Activity Table + Multi-skill Educational Toy + Music and Lights

(Click the image below to check for more information)

Around 9 months your little explorer will be intrested in assisted standing and exploring stuff from above their reach.

Thanks for reading till the end and I have provided very few toys that feel the best for me.Click the image to see more information and use the link to buy through Amazon and I will earn a credit if you use my link.

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!!!

(P.S : Due to my low internet connections I was unable to post it yesterday, A delayed weekend post)

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