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Weekend challenge 1 – Naming a baby

Hello bloggers, I am challenging myself to post an article every week till this month-end. I hope you will enjoy reading my article.

There is lots of fun and pun involved in naming a baby, but here we started naming our baby right after my 12 weeks scan, every month she was given some funky names by me or by my husband and Today I share them with you.

On the journey of the searching name, we watched a funny YouTube video of how kids were named then and now.

The first child of the family gets the name of great grandparents or their grandparent’s names. Sometimes it even goes to a debate of which side mom’s grandparents or dad’s grandparents. Believe me, those names are funny when you hear them now. Some names will be short, some names might be long, some cannot be pronounced, but each named had a meaning or a story behind it.

My Flashback

One of my eldest uncle’s names “Pichai” so if you translate it Tamil, it means begging.. when I was a child I used to laugh out loud when he was called and I would get a stare or a slap from my mom for the laughter. So, once I asked my dad why his brother was named “beggar”.

So, here comes the flashback my grandma had lots of miscarriages, she prayed and begged God to save at least one of her fetus. That fetus was born and as he was a gift by begging, he got such a name. My grandma had 4 children after him. I was happy in a way that my dad was the last and my dad didn’t get a funny name. ;0

How I named my fetus

⁃ First month I loved the name “Hana”. It’s a scenic drive in Hawaii islands, she came into existence during our Hawaii Trip. Road to Hana was the route name and it’s one of the most beautiful drives and a peaceful drive. I loved the word Hana and it meant “Shine”.

⁃ Second month we kept calling Hana but felt a little odd (maybe the trip is slowly diminishing)

⁃ Third month my dad calls me “Kutty”… Soon, my husband started me Kutty and it went vice verse… Here comes the funny name husband is Kutty1, I am Kutty2, tummy one is Kutty3(Kutty cube). ;-/.. Too much right, I know..

⁃ Fourth month, The first Fetal Heartbeat Monitor and the sound was like an untuned olden radio box waves… So she was named Radio Potti—“Radio Box”.

⁃ Fifth month I enjoyed calling her radio. While talking about names my husband came up with this idea why don’t we name the baby Aakashavani ( it’s All India radio’s first station )if it’s a Girl and Aakash if it’s a Boy.

⁃ Sixth month we were yet to find the gender, this crazy partner was watching an old movie the actress had a name Anjali – since I crossed 5 months and the name had 5.. Anjali for a girl and Peruchali(a crazy rat) for a boy.

⁃ Then comes 6th month “The fetal development ultrasound”, in which her eyelids weren’t developed and she resembled an owlet. Believe me, she was an amazing owlet in the first few months after her birth.sleeps in the morning and awake all night.

⁃ Seventh month I was able to feel her movements and mild kicks this is when the Incredible2 movie was released. I could feel lots of movements and kicks while after and watching the movie… I loved the baby character Jack-Jack, so you must know the name for that month.

⁃ Eighth Month she was Kicking me a lot and I could see her moving around my belly so much, we named her dolphin. I felt like I had a football player inside me.

⁃ Nineth month I named her Kikky as she was kicking me every 2 hours and her kicks were my wake up calls for midnight snacks.

⁃ That’s exactly what I called the minute she was placed in my arms… Till now she is my sweetest Kikky who still kicks me while co-sleeping. Now her kicks are for her midnight feeding calls.

In the meanwhile, we also thought of many interesting names like Ashmita, Dhanya, Akshaya, and many more. I was the picker of this name ‘Akshara” which means “Alphabet ” in Sanskrit. Without alphabets, we cannot communicate. And on the sneaky side, her last 2letters are my starting letters as she is my new beginning into motherhood.

Is there any similar naming stories in your life, please do share I enjoy reading them.

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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