Milestone of Akshara

This has milestones and activities of my baby Girl. Few are funny,few are serious,few are early and few are late. I still cannot believe she has grown up from a tiny fetus into a toddler.These milestones may vary with every kid. I made a note of her milestones at the end of every month.


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First Month onsie were all preemie
  • Cute cuddles.
  • Can’t sleep silently plays her own sounds.
  • Loves to sleep on hands of a tired sleepy person.
  • Staring with wide open eyes
  • Making cute emojis
  • Smiling in sleep
  • Night owlet can’t wake her up in the morning
  • Loves mornings for deep sleep and uses night as
  • workouts for all


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Growing up to fit in her 2 months dress
  • Cuteness overload naughtness has over overloaded.
  • Stares at new things for some time.
  • Words comes out of her inga,maa like autu kutty,AAA,ouu.
  • Started smiling,sees people and smiles which is precious.
  • Loves tummy time on Patti’s lap.
  • Enjoy her play gym mat.
  • Loves to be held in upright position, cries when dropped
  • Got a new doll of her height called (dalai) lama
  • Gets the name “cute baby” where ever she goes, people have started falling for her.
  • Gives squeaky sounds, various voice modulations.
  • Knows how to use her voice to grab attention
  • Wakes up with big cry and has to be fed immediately
  • Lastly learnt to suck her finger


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Growing up faster and stronger
  • Naughtiest little one.
  • Grown-up fits into 3 months dress.
  • Smiles laughs when she sees momma.
  • Seeing things with an awe or O face.
  • Got a new grabbing toy from Patti(Grandma).
  • Trying to roll to her side.
  • Loves to be held on everyone’s shoulders
  • Loves to hang upside down after every feed
  • Sometimes drinks milk upside down…
  • Naughtiness has loaded for sure…
  • Got her first 2 teeth lower Central incisors
  • Enjoys bath time, needs milk immediately.
  • Strong sucking fingers
  • Vocal cords are getting stronger and using them frequently.
  • Cries when she not able to roll over.
  • Sounds are in patterns, talks back when we speak
  • Aaaaaa, ouuuu,inga,amaa,ta
  • Crankiest time is during her dad’s offshore call (just like her mom).


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First Air travel and pet of Great Grand Ma
  • Naughtier ,cutest happiest baby, crankiest at times too.
  • Laughs, giggles,speaks to air.
  • Responds to funny faces.
  • Started rolling over and moving forward.
  • Seems like a meen kutty(Fish) which swims across ocean but mine does it on the play mat.
  • When on tummy hits her nose and needs some to help her roll to back.
  • Grabs attention of people around and gets the name cutie pie .
  • Loves to sleep on mommy in afternoon,and sleeps next to mom at night..
  • Loves to cuddle and sleep inside the same bed sheets with Amma..
  • Enjoying baby carrier and like nature.
  • Enjoying her smiles, laughter’s and grow up.
  • Had her first flight trip and did a great job through the journey, proud parents.


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I have reached Silver Jubliee
  • Cutest lovable ever smiling baby but dare not to lift her.😜😝😥
  • Love her cute sweet smiles 💕.
  • Wakes up at 4 AM and keeps practicing her words ubbu,uupppuu, aaaa AAA,mammmaaa..,puuu
  • Rolls to me and try to wake me up, if I wake up she gives a wonderful teethy smile 😄
  • After lots of working, Sits without support and feels proud to sit.wants everyone to see her and praise her
  • Gives the sound un un to call someone,then lifts both her hands and legs to lift her😉 especially her favorite person thatta.
  • Started solids from vegetables and fruits purees, kanji, koozhu to paruppu sadam.. eats with a yummy sounds uuum, ummm..
  • Very playful and wriggle when taking bath and loves her bath time..
  • Explorer of new area,new toys.
  • Her favorite toys are bottle cap,rubber bands, diaper, plastic cover with the crinkle sounds.
  • Favorite teething toys is Amma’s Mangasutra,can go for many hours.
  • Is an awesome $$collection agent.Sits in someone’s lap once $ collection is over cry’s to be lifted up by her known weight lifters.


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Sitting is my new task
  • Screams like a Parrot and a Peacock.
  • Is capable to sit but can’t sit in a place for a while, busy roamer and a funny explorer.
  • Growing up so fast stronger and Cutest loveable cuddle.
  • Cute names uruli, chanting song kuttan mitten samiyar
  • Loves to listening to reel aruntha kadai when sleeping, murmurs unn.. unn.. on the process to sleep.
  • Favorite song vishmakara kannan, listens to it and does all the vishmams


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Crawler, Learning the act of fast crawling
  • Crawls faster and stabilized her crawling skills.
  • Wants to stand with the help of sofa.
  • Doesn’t like things above her head.
  • Pulls down the clothes from a chair.
  • Interested to stand with the anything on her way.


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  • Enjoys hide and seek.
  • Plays with other kids
  • Greets others and enjoys others talks.
  • But dare not to touch me, I am a touch me not.
  • Demands phone, Tab, Screen time.
  • Naughtiest kid, gets into any naughtiest stuff every minute.
  • Loves to open boxes.
  • Disassembles every assembled items by mom.


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  • Enjoys phone rings and crawls faster to pick up the phone.
  • Enjoys to listen to people talk.
  • Some days she keeps talking back with her murmurs.
  • Sleep only when a song is played or a song is sung by mom.
  • Wants me to put her down to sleep.
  • Calls me by my name Amma is the Greatest gift.
  • Stack and play are not stacking, lets mommy to stack it and she stash it.


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One more month to end this babyhood
  • Only a month left for this babyoddler to turn into a toddler.
  • She has completely stopped cerelac, which feels she has grown up and wants only grown up food.
  • She cries and screams if we don’t give her our food.
  • Earlier was an explorer of things now an explorer of food.
  • Enjoys junk food with the crackling crunching sounds.
  • Can stand for a while and take a few steps with little help.
  • Wants to be given attention by every person when we take her for a walk.


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  • Walks alone for a few mins.
  • Stronger day by day.
  • Has to be watched every minute.
  • Wakes ups searching for me.
  • Enjoys animal sounds,animal books,
  • Her favorite books are The Jungle Book and Beautiful birds.
  • Recognizes cows sounds.
  • Watches butterflies.
  • Enjoying her day with granpa and grandma.
  • Stopped taking cerelac, no more baby food.
  • Enjoys what we eat and loves bananas.
  • Can Call Amma, Thatta, PA for Patti,Mama(Uncle).

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A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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😀 No yaar. I was lazy. I think I have photos of every firsts. But it will be difficult to separate it by month after a while. I should have done this way. And all these tiny details like teething on mangalsutra and crunching on fast food and all are too cute. Good job Ramya 😊

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