Baby’s Day out πŸ˜‰

The baby decided to pop out and see the world outside and say “Hello World”.

If you ever learned computer language your first code would be “Hello World”.

So I was in the nesting phase shopping baby essential items, sorting them and organizing them as days neared I was way more into nesting phase. It kept running in my mind this is where my baby is going to sleep, this is going to her naptime bed, her bottles,her night dress and day wears her diapers etc..

While the google named this as the “Nesting Phase” and it means the baby is going to be out soon.

In my case YES.

On a weekend we took my parents to a mall where they had to shop for their winter wears and for our Diwali purchase as the upcoming weekday was our festival of lights “DIWALI”. I was not comfortable walking, it was a wired feeling. I sat wherever I found a “chair”.

When we were back on our way home our car tyre was puncture but we safely reached home.The next day morning husband and I checked the tyres, the front tyre was punctured then called a mechanic.But they all wanted us to drop the vehicle to their service station.

Our plan for that day was to check our hospital and the route to the birthing center.As the tyres were punctured I went back to my room and felt a little drowsy, slept for 2-3 hours which was not me I am not a day time sleeper. I remember that was the last precious deep sleep till now.Or maybe the body prepared me for upcoming sleep less nights.πŸ˜‰

It was around 6 pm. My friends and brothers from India were messaging and wishing us for Diwali. It was flooding wishes and happyΒ  times. I was speaking to my brother that’s when I felt a sharp pain. I convinced myself thinking it could be Brackston Hicks

When I went to pee I found a pink reddish discharge,it was the mucus plug, I was on calls with my midwives. They told me about contractions and it’s intervals.

Yes, The contraction were sharp and it was on 4-1-1 intervals. Finally I was asked by my midwives to get checked. I was admitted as I was already 6 cm dialated and the baby was also low. I was happy and excited that finally the day came to hold my baby and kiss her tiny kicking feet.

Time came to give the hardest push for the baby’s head to pop out, her head was out and finally I hear her cryΒ  which woke me from my dizziness. I got to hold her body to body, she was sooo tiny and cute, I wish I took pics of those precious moments but it still lingers in my mind even today, when I hold her. Can’t believe they have grown so fast.

As soon as she was placed over me I touched her with my fingers,she soo tiny.. The minute I touched her she grabbed my fingers. Which was like mommy I Love You..

My Lakshmi, My Life, My Gem, My Joyand so on…

She was immediately taken for the checks by the pediatrics and I was stitched for tear. Then the regular checks for the baby and me was done.

P.S : She was born on Diwali. For Indians its festival of lights and for business people its the beginning of a new financial year and they pray to the goddess of Lakshmi for wealth.My little one is also my Goddess Lakshmi.

Keep checking my blog for the continuation of this journey into the motherhood.

By akmomjourney

A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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