The baby owlet

The second ultra sound was around 24 weeks. This is to check baby physical development and measurements.

I didn’t had to fill my bladder and suffer. Again a morning appointment the same sonograper and the same room.. I was more excited to see how my little one looked with a more matured development,her eyelids weren’t formed she resembled as an owlet. I felt she was more on me as her hands and legs were thin and long.

This is when we come to know the gender, my instincts and wishes came true. It was a girl and this is something I wished for, my husband asked me why? I don’t have an answer.. Its may be they are the true symbol of love and affection. On the other side my husband wanted a boy.. he was soo soo sure it’s going to be a boy. I don’t think my heart would have accepted that, atleast for that day.

The baby was more active and kicking during the ultrasound , the sonographer told me I will have tough time bringing this little one up. My little one is 17 months now, her words are Ture. It has been the rollercoaster ride for me. I have been handling her as a single mother (only financial support but no physical or emotional support from the partner ).

By akmomjourney

A Mutlitasker. My friends say I am a creative person, as I can recreate anything handmade. Right now a Mom of a naughtiest toddler.

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